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On-line bacteria and yeast database

On-line bacteria and yeast database accessible worldwide anytime, anywhere, for everyone.

  • User-friendly
  • Reliable complement to manual identification for relevant patient management
  • Easy to use
  • Secure connection
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Committed to remaining at the forefront of innovation, bioMérieux brings a new dimension to the reference API® biochemical test strip range by making identification available to everyone, anytime, anywhere. A tool that leverages the technologies of today and tomorrow, apiweb is the essential complement to manual identification.


apiweb – it’s as simple as navigating in a webpage!

  • Internet platform
  • Easy-to-use integrated intuitive interface that uses Internet navigation tools
  • Available anytime 24/7
  • Reading assistance for each identification strip

See how easy is it to use? Watch these videos done by our API® customers

Reliable complement to manual identification

For years, the API® ID strip range has been appreciated by microbiologists over the world for its quality and ease-of-use. In fact, the standardized, miniaturized strips of biochemical tests are the reference for bacterial and fungal identification. API® has a wide identification database on the market and a numerical identification calculation method that brings standardization and makes identification easy and accurate.

Considering that 10 API® strips are used every minute, apiweb is an invaluable tool for the microbiology community.

Get high-performance results

With apiweb, you get a reliable, state-of-the-art interpretation tool. It contains the regularly updated API®/ID32 databases. Plus, apiweb interprets a great number of profiles enabling the identification of more than 700 species of bacteria and yeast. It’s the straightforward and easy way to get high-performance results!

Each identification includes a complete report:

  • Species proposed
  • Comment on the reliability of the identification, based on two indices:
    • the identification percentage (probability of species identification)
    • the typicity index (typical character of the profile studied)
  • Complete biochemical profile
  • Additional information and tests

Secure connection

Your privacy as a user and the confidentiality of your results are important to us. That’s why we’ve made sure that apiweb is protected by full security.

  • Secure site, personalized access codes
  • Data encoding to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your results
  • Highly reactive tool maintenance


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