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Ready to use PCR kits for veterinary pathogens detection

  • Performance 
  • Flexibility 
  • Optimized workflow 
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It is essential for veterinary labs to be able to identify any pathogenic bacteria, in order to reduce risks of contamination and financial loss for farmers and breeders. bioMérieux benefits from Adiagene’s expertise in molecular biology to offer you the ADIAVET™ range : PCR kits for veterinary diagnostic


ADIAVET™ diagnostic kits: quality solutions

The ADIAVET™ range includes diagnostic solutions dedicated to avian, caprine, bovine, ovine, swine, and equine species, from sample to identification. These ready-to-use kits, which rely on traditional and real time PCR techniques, demonstrate high specificity and sensitivity, and can provide you with results in less than 5 hours.

Our range of ADIAVET™ solutions enable you to perform tests using different forms of sample, bringing you higher confidence in your everyday lab operations. 



Why choose ADIAVET™ for the detection of veterinary pathogens?

PERFORMANCE : ADIAVET™ processes are validated from sample to identification

FLEXIBILITY : kits include all the different steps of the analysis but remain fully opened for different extraction methods and different thermocyclers

OPTIMIZED WORKFLOW : global extraction method and/or PCR amplification for simultaneous testing of several pathogens


 Wide range of solutions for various species


ADIAVET™ includes pathogen detection solutions adapted to different species

DNA/RNA extraction step

In order to achieve very good performances on a wide range of samples, Adiagene always recommends and validates many different DNA/RNA global extraction methods. It is very useful to stay flexible without decreasing any performances (sensitivity, inhibition rate).

Visit the options & accessories tab to find out more on our Adiapure offer for DNA/RNA extraction.


PCR amplification step

ADIAVETTM PCR kits are ready-to-use  to reduce risk of mistakes during PCR setup. They are easy-to-use, with only 2 pipetting steps :

  • MasterMix distribution
  • DNA/RNA transfer

They include all components  for DNA amplification. Real Time PCR detection system is based on hydrolysis probe to get a better specificity and to allow multiplexing.

An internal control is included inside each kit to check the quality and stability of the samples, the performances of nucleic acids extraction/purification and the absence of inhibition of the PCR amplification. Positive control(s) included inside each kit are also here to check capability and sensitivity of the kit to detect targeted pathogen(s).

PCR amplification cycles are harmonized as much as possible to give possibility of a multidetection system on the same run and the same thermocycler. Most of Real Time thermocyclers used on the market have been validated by Adiagene and can be used without any risk of performances decrease.


Today DNA and RNA extracts usable with ADIAVETTM kits can be prepared with :

  • Different technologies of purification : silica membrane, magnetic beads, ultra-filtration
  • Different automated system : centrifugation, vacuum, magnetic
  • For different throughputs : from individual analysis to 96 samples extraction per run

For some specific applications Adiagene proposes its own extraction method with the AdiapureTM range in combination with ADIAVETTM PCR kits :

  • AdiapureTM purification kit: for DNA extraction of Avian mycoplasma from swabs
  • AdiapureTM milk kit: for DNA extraction of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis from dairy products 
  • AdiapureTM TLB buffer: single lysis buffer for RNA extraction of BVD virus from ear notches samples

Samples preparation steps (individual or pool) are developed and validated to be adapted to different epidemiological situations : diagnostic, individual analysis, screening with pool of samples or environmental samples. The harmonization of DNA/RNA extraction methods is sought as much as possible to combine different analysis all together.


Find out more details on the ADIAVET™ range in our e-catalogue

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