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Solutions for Veterinary Diagnostics

World leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics for 50 years, bioMérieux has been engaged in a race against the constant evolution of bacteria, the development of infectious diseases and pandemics. Strong with our Pasteurian history and experience in microbiology, it is our role as a daily partner of laboratories worldwide to stay a step ahead. We do this by providing the widest range of solutions on the market, tools and services to improve productivity and quality and the many innovations that contribute to optimizing veterinary diagnostic laboratory performance every day. We bring to veterinary laboratories solutions to fight against antimicrobial resistance, fertility and emerging animal diseases.

Culture media by microorganism

From Sample to Decision

With over a century of experience in microbiology, expertise and innovation, bioMérieux aims to bring this same expertise and experience to the veterinary field.

Vet Global Offer
Pioneering diagnostics