A secure gateway offering remote access to diagnosis & solve software and instrument issues

VILINK® for on-line optimization of lab ‘uptime’ and immediate updates

  • Secure connectivity environment
  • Remote access
  • Optimized instrument "up time"
  • Easier software update


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VILINK® is an on-line highly secure connectivity environment that optimizes instrument ‘up time’ to improve laboratory productivity. It also provides immediate access to the latest instrument application/analysis enhancements to further improve testing accuracy. More rapid resolution of platform issues minimizes the need for labour intensive, off-line back-up testing procedures.


What can VILINK do for you today?

Currently, VILINK focuses on offering remote access by local bioMérieux customer service personnel to instruments in response to your call. This ensures we deal directly with your issue or can immediately request real-time higher level support. The end result for you is more rapid and accurate diagnosis and resolution of instrument and software issues.

Today, 5 platforms are VILINK enabled:

We will be rapidly extending this on-line connection capability to include: BacT/ALERT® 3D and Myla.

What future functions are planned for VILINK®?

Future releases of VILINK® will include other capabilities such as:

  • Automatic download of software/firmware updates for other bioMérieux systems 
  • Automatic instrument component monitoring…

How secure is VILINK®?

VILINK’s security measures work in cooperation with the existing network structure within your institution. This double security measure ensures the highest level of security both for your institution network and patient data.


VILINK technical specifications
System access Internet access minimum 1 Mb/s
Firewall Friendly
Protocols HTTPS
Encryption 1024 bits SSL key
Data transmission No incoming connection
VILINK server access User access control using login and password
Remote connection Customer acknowledgement required
VILINK gateway specifications Multiple system connection capability
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