• Training & Education Services

Training & Education Services

A well-trained and dedicated team is critical to keeping your lab running at its best. Develop talent in your laboratory organization with our comprehensive range of Training & Education services!

  • Make your HR a priority: invest in talent and keep staff motivated
  • Meet your lab’s performance objectives
  • Get the most out of your instruments
  • Stay on top of the latest technology and science
  • Meet regulatory requirements
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Training & Education Services

To achieve your laboratory’s performance objectives, an effective staff team is critical. Training & Education courses have been proven to have a highly positive influence on staff commitment, satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, more than 75% of Human Resources Managers consider that training has an important or very important impact on staff motivation.

Accessing external expert services helps you meet your training and education goals without stalling daily operations. You also gain invaluable fresh perspectives and new knowledge to expand and complement the team’s know-how. To meet this challenge, bioMérieux Performance Solutions offers:

  • Expert, qualified and independent trainers from bioMérieux and our trusted partners
  • Training and content that fits your situation and your technical and/or non-technical needs
  • An efficient, effective training platform
  • A wide range of e-learning training modules for your convenience, anywhere, anytime, at your own pace – a creative solution to help fit training into your busy agenda

Instruments & Software

Tomorrow’s technology is not the same as today’s. To maximize the benefits of state-of-the art technology, you need to keep pace. That’s why bioMérieux Performance Solutions developed the “Instruments & Software” training series. Why us? As a pioneer in diagnostics, bioMérieux offers a wide range of advanced instruments and software that deliver extended features. We’re also continually innovating to bring you the advances for tomorrow’s challenges. So we know the technology you’re using.

  • Get the most out of your bioMérieux Instruments & Software
  • Test your staff’s existing level of knowledge on daily operations linked to your bioMérieux solutions
  • Gain solid proof that your staff has the required knowledge and skills to run bioMérieux solutions in routine use; meet increasing regulatory requirements and competition

Science & Practices

Scientific knowledge is constantly evolving – this is both exciting and challenging. To keep you at the forefront of science, bioMérieux Performance Solutions works with a long-established, trusted network of leading independent scientific experts.

  • Stay on top of state-of-the-art science
  • Apply scientific innovation in your daily operations – concretely
  • Tap into cutting-edge science to meet your own specificities and challenges

Professional Development

In an ever more challenging competitive and regulatory environment, your laboratory organization must operate with real business efficiency – not just technological efficiency. Starting from this insight, bioMérieux Performance Solutions has partnered with renowned experts to provide you with fundamental and advanced training on diverse topics such as Finance, Management, Human Resources Management, Change Management, Conflict and Stress Management, and more.

  • Drive operations optimally by balancing science and business
  • Get expert insights based on the latest knowledge from business practice and research, thanks to trainers from some of the world’s most renowned universities and business schools

We can train different profiles in the lab:
a newcomer, someone moving to a new bench or all staff when there is new knowledge or equipment, or when it’s time for a refresher.


3 Ways to Train

Did you know that you have three choices for your bioMérieux Performance Solutions training?

Classroom training:

  • Stimulating environment, action learning
  • The perfect occasion to take a breather, “get out-of-the-box” and meet with peers
  • Share and exchange perspectives on key challenges
  • Face-to-face with the experts
  • On-site in your lab or at a bioMérieux training centre


  • Expert design
  • Anytime, anywhere (in the lab or at home)
  • Your own pace (can even be stopped and restarted)
  • Short 20-minute modules keep it dynamic

Blended learning:

  • Mix the stimulation of the classroom with the convenience of e-learning
  • Prepare before a classroom training course
  • Refresh knowledge between two classroom sessions
  • Keep up-to-date after a vacation/parental leave

Expert Trainers

At bioMérieux Performance Solutions, we believe that first class trainers are essential to quality training. Not only do we insist on people who bring top expertise in their fields, we also make a point of working with talented teachers who help you integrate your learning to apply to your job right away – and retain it for the long term. Your training will be facilitated by:

  • Instruments & Software: bioMérieux internal experts for all related training – who better than bioMérieux to train you on bioMérieux solutions?
  • Science & Practices and Professional Development: external experts – bioMérieux’s long-established trusted partners, renowned in their fields and as skilled trainers

To know more about the trainers you could meet in your country, please contact your local representative.

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