VIDAS® 25 OH Vitamin D Total

VIDAS<sup>®</sup> 25 OH Vitamin D Total

Investigation of bone disease

VIDAS® Ferritin

VIDAS<sup>®</sup> Ferritin

Easy determination of iron deficiency or overload

VIDAS® Cortisol S

VIDAS<sup>®</sup> Cortisol S

Diagnosis and monitoring of adrenocortical disorders

VIDAS® β2 Microglobulin

VIDAS<sup>®</sup> β2 Microglobulin

Diagnosis of renal disorders and immune system diseases

VIDAS® PTH (1-84)

VIDAS<sup>®</sup> PTH (1-84)

3rd generation precision

VIDAS® Dengue panel

VIDAS<sup style=® Dengue panel "/>

3 automated tests for accurate diagnosis


VIDAS<sup>®</sup> TB-IGRA

Reliable and fully automated solution for Tuberculosis (TB) infection detection

Pioneering Diagnostics