Gastro-intestinal infections

VIDAS® C. difficile panel

 VIDAS<sup>®</sup> <em>C. difficile</em> panel

Rapid identification of C. difficile infection

BacT/ALERT®: Rare Organism Club...

 BacT/ALERT<sup>®</sup>: Rare Organism Club...

Found something new? Let others know. Join the Rare Organism Club and become a “ROC star”


 VITEK<sup>®</sup> 2

Automated instrument for ID/AST testing

CHROMID® range for SMART resist...

 CHROMID<sup>®</sup> range for SMART resist...

Culture media range to fight Antimicrobial Resistance and HAI


 VITEK<sup>®</sup> MS

Mass spectrometry microbial identification system

Conventional Culture Media

 Conventional Culture Media

A full range of culture media products

VIDAS® H. pylori IgG

 VIDAS<sup>®</sup> <em>H. pylori</em> IgG

Non-invasive detection of H. pylori infection

FilmArray® multiplex PCR system...

 FilmArray<sup>®</sup> multiplex PCR system...

Multiplex PCR system for fast, easy and comprehensive testing

FilmArray™ GI Panel

 FilmArray™ GI Panel

Gastrointestinal (GI) panel for use on FilmArray™


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